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Analysis of Development Tendency of Chinese Automobile Spare Parts Industry 2015


Analysis of Development Tendency of Chinese Automobile Spare Parts Industry 2015

While facing the competition, the industry of automobile accessory must accelerate its pace of merging. If no large enterprise of spare parts appears, China will have no right of speech in the international industry, and the costing will not decrease. Chinese enterprises of spare parts have small scale, they are weak, and lack of research and development ability. Under this background, if the industry of spare parts are going to develop quickly, they must merge and recombine faster, and form a scale effect.

According to the analysis of Yubo market studying center, in last period, Chinese automobile accessories was suffering the war of exchange rates and inflation. To solve these problems, not only our own level of technology needs to be improved to increase the additional value, but also we need to look into the future, seize the future tendency of automobile parts, to win this vital war.


The development of new technology of automobile parts show following tendencies: The development deeps on; The universality and standardization keep improving; The electronization and intellegentize will improve; Light weight of finished automobile and parts will become the future tendency; Clean and environment protection will become the key of the competition. In a certain period there still exists lots of insufficient in Chinese automobile spare parts industry, such as bad basis, unreasonable construction, lack of research and development and lack of famous brand etc. During the 11th Five-Year Plan, the National Development and Reform Commission takes all-round improvement of the competition of automobile spare parts industry as the main target of the industry. Now the 12th Five-Year Plan came, the automobile spare parts enterprises need to take a further step in improving competition.

As the whole automobile spare parts industry is getting more and more standarded, the price more and more transparent, the true value of the merchants in automobile spare parts only reflected in solving the supply and demand information and logistics. And these tow are strong points of the internet.

For instance, based on internet, we could: (1) establish virtual inventories, it can be easier than any physical stores to solve the problem of the completeness of automobile spare parts; (2) it could be easier to solve the problem caused by fake products; (3) can solve the  matching problem and make it more precisely. Besides, you can set better standard, and solve the problem caused by non-uniformed standards.

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