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Company employees study tour in Japan

Company employees study tour in Japan

Where have the Dubang elite gone?Delegation to Osaka, Japan

In April 2018, experience the management philosophy of a century-old Japanese company and deeply understand the spirit of craftsmanship.The 13 elites of the Dubang management team bring 'what has made the high-end core technology of Japanese enterprises, century-old enterprise inheritance, average high profit margin, refined management, and ultimate service'.

On April 27th, under the warm welcome and arrangement of Ms. Peng Yu from Dobang Japan Office.We visited JR West Japan branch in Osaka and Dentsu Group.The leaders of the two companies gave us a detailed introduction to the company's development history, management philosophy, and corporate culture.At the same time, everyone also strongly felt the importance of an elegant and stylish working environment.

Through their introduction and question and answer session, we once again felt the powerful force of Japanese business management - 'Sword Art'.Adhering to the management concept of 'people-oriented, altruism first' is the biggest gain and insight of the delegation.People-oriented means that everything is people-oriented, fully respecting the internal needs of employees and customers, and continuously improving the work experience and user experience of employees.Altruism is putting the interests of others first, not only for employees and their families, but also for partners and customers, working hand in hand with partners to pay for the ultimate needs of customers.

The inner strength and mentality of Japanese business management are in line with our Dobon values, and are the systematic refinement and sublimation of our consistent actions and thoughts.We insist on putting the needs of employees and customers in the first place, comprehensively improve the thinking and professional quality of employees through training, continuously optimize the working environment, continuously improve employee benefits and strengthen emotional care, and continuously develop new products to create more value for customers.

Japanese electrical products are world-renowned.Sony, Panasonic, TOTO, Canon, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi and other well-known manufacturers of electrical appliances and high-tech products are all from Japan.Led by Richie, we visited Kyoto's famous Electric Town, which is full of dazzling appliances.The popular Panasonic and TOTO washlet, the new rice cooker is equipped with a heavy electronic operation panel, and the new trolley case handle is equipped with a damper, which can rebound slowly.

Sales people discover a new market, technicians consider achievable structures...a well worth the trip for everyone!

On April 30, Dubang employees bid farewell to Kansai.So far, our Kansai mission has been a complete success, and the management is grateful.Thanks to Dubang for giving such a valuable opportunity to study abroad, and to Ms. Peng Yu for her warm and thoughtful arrangement and accompanying her all the way.In the future, we will uphold the spirit of craftsmanship in our services, overcome impetuousness, strive for excellence, and adhere to the invincible position of multi-state in the competition!

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