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Home and Applicances

Find out how our dampers work and how they are used in objects around the house, Choose an application and find out which damper best suits your needs.


Linear dampers to slow down the closing movement of the drawers, increasing their silence

Rice cooker

Axial dampers to slow down the opening of the lid avoiding noisy movements

Vacuum cleaners

Rotary dampers to check the winding movement of the vacuum cleaner cable and the movements of different lids and parts of the appliance

Handles and monitors for refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines

Rotary dampers to slow down the movement of the handles and the opening of the doors of appliances

Doors and control panels for boilers and air conditioners

Axial dampers to slow down the opening of the doors of elements for heating and air conditioning, increasing the silence of the movement

Ovens, microwave ovens and steam ovens doors

Rotary and axial dampers to slow down the closing of the charging door , increasing the silence
Whether it is to go to work or on a trip, the car is increasingly important in people's lives. Comfort and safety are characteristics that each of us looks for in a car.

The solutions offered by Dobond for the automotive sector combine comfort with practicality, simplifying the use of different functions of your car: from the luggage cover to the center armrest, from the glove compartment to the courtesy mirror, from the seats to the headrest, Dobond dampers can be used on different commonly used products inside all cars

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