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Analysis of the development trend of China's auto parts industry in 2015

Analysis of the development trend of China's auto parts industry in 2015

In the face of competition, the auto parts industry must accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions.If there are no large parts companies, China will have no say in the international industry, and the cost will not be reduced.Chinese auto parts enterprises are small in scale, weak in strength, and insufficient in R&D capacity.In this context, if the parts industry wants to develop rapidly, it must speed up mergers and reorganizations to form economies of scale.

According to the analysis of Yubo Market Research Center, in the last period, Chinese auto parts were suffering from the war of exchange rate and inflation.To solve these problems, we must not only improve our own technical level and increase added value, but also focus on the future, grasp the future trend of auto parts, and win the battle of life and death.

The development of new auto parts and components shows the following trends: In-depth development; continuous improvement of versatility and standardization; improvement of electronic and intelligent level; lightweight of complete vehicles and parts will become the future trend; cleanliness and environmental protection will become the focus of competition .In a certain period of time, my country's auto parts industry still has many shortcomings, such as poor foundation, unreasonable construction, insufficient research and development, and lack of well-known brands.'Eleventh Five-Year' period, the National Development and Reform Commission will comprehensively enhance the competition in the auto parts industry as the main goal of the industry.'Twelfth Five-Year' period is coming, auto parts companies need to go further in improving their competitiveness.

As the entire auto parts industry becomes more and more standardized and prices become more and more transparent, the real value of auto parts merchants is only reflected in the solution of supply and demand information and logistics.These are the strengths of the Internet.

For example, based on the Internet, we can: (1) establish a virtual inventory, which is easier to solve the integrity problem of auto parts than any physical store; (2) easier to solve the problem caused by counterfeit products; (3) can solve the matching problem, make it more precise.In addition, you can develop better standards to solve the problems caused by inconsistent standards.

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