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Electronics and Tools

Find out how Dobond dampers work and how they are used in tools and electronic objects

Desk sockets

Rotary dampers to soften the closing and opening movement of the desk sockets lid


Rotary and axial dampers for study assistants, medical robots, home management machines: dampers operate on futuristic applications

Precision instruments

Rotary and axial dampers for laboratory instruments


Rotary dampers to slow down the return movements and joysticks components

Electric drills

Rotary dampers to control the movement of accessories for safe and easy use of the drill


Rotary and axial dampers to slow down the closing movement of the control panel flap of the lawnmower, increasing the silence of the movement
In addition to guaranteeing the smooth opening and closing, Dobond dampers guarantee a longer life for electronic objects and tools. Users will feel a “soft” sensation when using objects such as video games or lawn mowers

Other Industries

Products application:
Safety box, trash bin, candy box, cabinet box, floor socket, foldable seat / bench, auditorium chair, etc.

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