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Services and Activities

Find out how Dobond dampers work in pushfeeders, displays and objects used in everyday shopping experiences

ATM devices -Continuous cash

Rotary dampers to slow down the closing movement of the front door of ATM devices

Displays and vending machines

Rotary, axial and linear dampers to control the stroke of the product advance mechanism in vending machines and slowing down the closing doors of beverage/snack dispensers

Candy container

Axial dampers to slow down the stroke of the lid of the candy container during the closing phase, increasing the silence of the movement
Carry out daily chores, shopping, and errands with the discrete assistance of Cultraro dampers. 
Thanks to dampers designed specifically for our customers, we are able to slow down and soften the movement in ATM devices, vending machines, candy containers and many more, avoiding blockages and facilitating normal daily activities.

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