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Rotary Damper
02-08 2023

Rotary dampers are mechanical components that operate like mini-gears to slow down or inhibit the motions of moving pieces of machinery. They enable the controlled opening and closing of flaps, caps, lids and covers in machine equipment. The dampers slow down circular movement to absorb impact, vibr

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What are the advantages of car cup holders
04-03 2023

The car cup holder is a device to place cups or beverage bottles in the car. It can be fixed in different places in the car, such as the center console, door side, or behind the seats so that the driver and passengers can drink water or other beverages while driving.

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What is the function of the armrest box lock and press button
04-10 2023

Functional and aesthetically pleasing, armrest locks and buttons play a vital role in everyday life.Here is the outline:1. What are the characteristics of a high-quality armrest box lock and press button?2. What is the function of the armrest box lock and press button?

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How to choose a rotary damper?
07-21 2022

For many consumers, the first premise of choosing the right product is to clarify their needs. On this basis, the more consumers understand the market of a specific product, the more comfortable damper products they can buy. So, how should consumers choose and choose dampers?Here is the outline:What

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How to make better use of hooks in the car
03-30 2023

The hanger is a hook that can be installed inside the car to hang and fix various items. It is usually made of plastic or metal and can be attached to different parts of the car interior, such as the headrest, grab handle or seat back.

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What is the usage of a rotary damper?
08-04 2022

In ancient Chinese wisdom, a horse that can travel thousands of miles a day can only exert its value when it encounters Bole who knows it. So, where can a rotary damper be used?

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Analysis of Development Tendency of Chinese Automobile Spare Parts Industry 2015
10-21 2021

While facing the competition, the industry of automobile accessory must accelerate its pace of merging. If no large enterprise of spare parts appears, China will have no right of speech in the international industry, and the costing will not decrease. Chinese enterprises of spare parts have small sc

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How to choose a car cup holder
03-23 2023

A car cup holder is a device used in the interior of a car, typically to support beverage glasses or other small items. Car cup holders are usually designed to be adjustable to accommodate different-sized beverage cups or containers.

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What is a good quality rotary damper?
07-28 2022

Consumers with certain production and processing experience will not be unfamiliar with dampers. As a small part, it has quietly penetrated the working and living spaces of various consumers. So, what is a good rotary damper?

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Development Tendency of Chinese Automobile Spare Parts Industry 2017-2021
10-21 2021

1.International industry transition is accelerating, accelerating M&A activitiesIn a long period, most automobile spare parts suppliers sold products with low price. Comparing with multi-national giant retailers with billions of trunover, Chinese automobile spare parts enterprises' scales are too sm

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How do I find the right armrest locks and press buttons
03-20 2023

Armrest locks and press buttons are used in a wide range of applications, allowing consumers who are experienced in the market to quickly make informed consumption decisions.Here is the outline:1. How do I find the right armrest locks and press buttons?

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