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Custom made glovebox door lock switch button clasp lock with IATF

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Non-standard functional parts customized for Beijing Automotive Group, high quality.
  • N50

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Car Fitment: Beijing Automotive Group Baic Group ARCFOX

Installation: Vehicle interior dashboard glovebox storage box
Function: Lock unlock mechanism

Detailed Photos

N50手套箱锁N50手套箱锁 (2)

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IATF Certification

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Our workshop

High Quality Lock Button Quick Release Mechanism for Car Interior Armrest Cover

As a technology innovation enterprise, Dobond has over 20 professional and technical talents, creating new design solutions for customers, constantly striving for product creation, and has obtained more than 70 patents. When the ingenious lifting cup holder, exquisite lock mechanism, and advanced damper application are displayed in front of you, you will find that we are the hidden champions - bringing comfort and convenience to car life, and constantly innovating to update the car lifestyle.


In logistic and warehouse field, Dobond adopts intellectualized warehouse management. Its warehouses are equipped with sophisticated robots handling automated fulfillment, the warehouse keeper will strictly follow the regulations related to intelligent logistics warehousing and code scanning system to ensure the first in, first out and correct placement of materials.

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