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Dobond Manufacturing | The Encounter between Dobond and Beijing Hyundai Mufasa


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Original Source:From Dobond WeChat official account - Dobond holding:

With the development of the market in recent years, the design and sophistication of automotive interiors have continuously improved. Today's automotive interiors have gone beyond mere decoration and are more directly reflected in the design style of vehicles, influencing the user experience in the most direct way through visual and tactile means


As one of the important components of the interior, the design of the storage box has also been continuously enriched, becoming an important part of carrying the comfortable experience of the interior space. Starting from the vehicle design concept, Dubond provides the production and manufacturing of hidden interior door storage boxes for MUFASA.


Hidden interior door panel storage box / Tips for storing items that are invisible

Combining the spirit of continuous innovation and years of design experience, Dobond's hidden interior door storage box can become a small trick for storing miscellaneous items through various clever mechanical structures and spatial layouts, greatly saving interior space.


Combined with the motion control technology and surface decoration technology of Dobond dampers, the hidden interior door panel storage box further enhances the comfort and luxury of the interior space from various aspects such as structural design, appearance, and handling quality.


In the future, Dobond will maintain a consistent sensitivity to the market, relying on powerful injection molding processes to continuously output high-quality products to meet customers' different needs. Please contact us for more information.

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