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Dobond high quality dampers soft closing components for car glove compartment box jockey box

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Motion control device, mainly applied in car glove box
Available in different torque forces
MOQ: 2000pcs
  • glove box damper series

  • Dobond


Air damper provide dampened linear motion. They also dampen the closing or opening process in one direction, while they offer a freerun (no resistance) in the other. This type of damper is mainly applied in car glove compartment boxes.

Description:The D03001 series air dampers for auto dashboard glove box soft closure are precision-engineered components designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of automotive glove boxes. These dampers are meticulously crafted to provide controlled and smooth closing action, ensuring that the glove box lid closes gently and quietly. They are a crucial component of modern automotive interiors, offering a premium touch to the dashboard design.

Application:The D03001 series air dampers find their primary application in the automotive industry, specifically within the glove box compartment of vehicles. They are integrated into the glove box hinge mechanism to facilitate a soft and controlled closing motion. This ensures that the glove box lid doesn't slam shut, preventing noise and potential damage to the contents inside. These dampers are compatible with a wide range of vehicle models and are an essential component for improving the overall user experience and perceived quality of the interior.


  1. Soft and Silent Closure: The D03001 series dampers excel in providing a soft and silent closure of the glove box lid. This feature enhances user satisfaction and minimizes noise disruption within the vehicle cabin.

  2. Enhanced User Experience: These dampers contribute to a premium user experience by adding a touch of sophistication to the glove box operation. Users will appreciate the smooth and controlled motion when accessing their belongings.

  3. Protection of Contents: By preventing the glove box lid from slamming shut, these dampers protect the contents stored inside from potential damage, ensuring items remain intact and undisturbed during travel.

  4. Long-lasting Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering, the D03001 series dampers are built to withstand the rigors of automotive use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

  5. Easy Integration: These dampers are designed for easy integration into existing glove box mechanisms, making them suitable for both new vehicle designs and retrofitting into older models.

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Technical requirements:

1. The maximum stroke is 58mm, and the effective stroke is 50mm;

2. The storage temperature of the damper is -30 ℃~85 ℃;

3. Durability test: The test temperature is 23 ℃± 2 ℃, and the swing arm machine is used for testing, with one opening and one closing cycle, 30000 cycles of testing, with a damper opening time change of less than 30%;

4. The specifications of the damper are shown in the attached table;

5. The pull-off force of the end cover is greater than 100N, and the welding strength of the valve seat is greater than 200N.

Dobond provides various kinds of dampers for glovebox, picture listed below are glovebox dampers for our clients to choose from.


As a technology innovation enterprise, Dobond has 20+ professional technical personnel, providing customers with new design solutions, constantly pursuing innovation in product design, and has obtained more than 70 patents. When you see the exquisite liftable cup holder, subtle latches, and advanced dampers application on display, you will find that we are the hidden champion - bringing comfort and convenience to vehicle life and constantly innovating to reshape vehicle lifestyles.

IATF Certificate

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Quality is the life of a company. Our company carries forward the craftsman spirit striving for excellence, passes the IATF16949 quality system certification, and produces the most satisfactory products for customers with professional technology and reliable equipment. From the automatic production workshop to the quality inspection workshop, every working process demonstrates Dobond people pursuing product quality.

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Attn: Sonia Jiang

WhatsApp: +86 13617312768



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