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Dobond successfully held an exhibition in Osaka, Japan

Dobond successfully held an exhibition in Osaka, Japan

In the Osaka branch, Richie gave a detailed explanation of the tactics, strategies and scenarios of the exhibition, and led everyone to simulate the scene of the customers at the exhibition site, and finally implemented the work tasks of the exhibitors.

We rushed to the exhibition hall early to make preparations for the exhibition: cleaning the booth, placing the exhibits, confirming the video, debugging the acrylic board, etc.Make sure that after the move-in is completed, everyone is familiar with the surrounding environment and enterprises, and looks for potential customers and suppliers.

The Osaka show is a new challenge for all of us.We overcome language barriers to communicate and interact with Japanese customers.In the end, with the team spirit of concerted efforts, excellent products and perfect services, it showed the Japanese market the high-quality and high-level professionalism of Duobang people.As a result, the person in charge of Sugiyama Industry Co., Ltd. opposite our booth said with a smile, your team is too dynamic, we have to work harder.

'If you give with love, you will pay back.'At the end of the exhibition, we collected more than 600 valid business cards and effectively invited more than 10 customers, including Sega and other industries Trident Chini, Murata Seiko... Based on this, Dubang officially opened the road to develop the Japanese market!

It is this group of enthusiastic and diligent partners who have built a bridge between Duobang and customers, sincerely facing customers, solving customer needs, and always providing customers with the most professional services with the most professional spirit.Through this exhibition, Duobang not only improved its own production performance and comprehensive benefits, but also provided customers with professional products and services.

Although the exhibition ended, the enthusiasm of the Duobang people never subsided.Everyone's attention and expectations will strengthen our pace towards the future.Thank you for your attention and company. See you at the next exhibition.

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