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Rotary Damper
02-08 2023

Rotary dampers are mechanical components that operate like mini-gears to slow down or inhibit the motions of moving pieces of machinery. They enable the controlled opening and closing of flaps, caps, lids and covers in machine equipment. The dampers slow down circular movement to absorb impact, vibr

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Analysis of Development Tendency of Chinese Automobile Spare Parts Industry 2015
10-21 2021

While facing the competition, the industry of automobile accessory must accelerate its pace of merging. If no large enterprise of spare parts appears, China will have no right of speech in the international industry, and the costing will not decrease. Chinese enterprises of spare parts have small sc

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Development Tendency of Chinese Automobile Spare Parts Industry 2017-2021
10-21 2021

1.International industry transition is accelerating, accelerating M&A activitiesIn a long period, most automobile spare parts suppliers sold products with low price. Comparing with multi-national giant retailers with billions of trunover, Chinese automobile spare parts enterprises' scales are too sm

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Where can a rotary damper be used?
08-08 2022

In ancient Chinese wisdom, a horse that can travel thousands of miles a day can only exert its value when it encounters Bole who knows it. So, where can a rotary damper be used?

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